Who are we?

We are US Wills and Trusts. US Wills and Trusts is the brainchild of California Attorney Kevin Perkins of the Perkins Law Firm. Kevin’s years of legal experience have been brought to bear in creating this service. US Wills and Trust is not a law firm. We provide a service in creating a comprehensive estate plan tailored to each client’s specific needs. This service is available to California residents only at this time.

What we do:

We help people prepare for the inevitable. Death and taxes. We all know that you can’t avoid the finality of end of life, but we can certainly help with the taxes part! We help people plan so that their homes, businesses and assets are protected for the future and their families. California probate is extremely expensive. Creating a solid plan now in the form of a living will or trust is the best way to protect your loved ones from financial hardship when you’re gone.

US Wills and Trusts encompasses several ideas:

  1. Everyone needs a financial plan for the future no matter their time of life. US Wills and Trusts understands that needs change over time, and what was needed 15 years ago, may not be what’s needed now. Young couples with small children, individuals in midlife, nearing retirement or even end of life. Your estate plan is tailored to fit your needs.
  2. Unbundling legal services such as document preparation is a way for a wider segment of the population to affordably access these services. This is why US Wills and Trusts is set up to do one thing. Set up an estate plan. This process is streamlined with a flat fee, and an easy-to-follow information-gathering process. No legalese, no confusing questions. Setting up your estate plan is straightforward and uncomplicated. The assistance from an attorney assigned to your case provides you with explanations and answers.
  3. People have questions about how to plan and prepare for the future. This is addressed in a free phone call with an attorney when the service is engaged. You’ll talk to the attorney that’s assigned to assist you with your estate plan. You’ll have expert help navigating the process.
  4. A conversation with an attorney might lead to more questions or issues being identified. US Wills and Trusts provides a thorough follow up with explanations of all documents prepared, information about funding the estate plan created and details about proper signing and filing. There are also additional services available upon request.


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