What is Life Planning and the Independent Administration Of Estates Act?

US Wills and Trusts - FamilyThe Independent Administration of Estates Act (IAEA), enacted in 1987, has changed and streamlined the Probate Process.  The IAEA is a series of laws allowing a personal representative of your choice to administer most aspects of a decedent’s estate without court supervision. The authority to administer the estate under the IAEA can be given by the decedents will or by the court upon the petition by the personal representative. It is generally done when the probate proceeding is initiated but can be done at any time during the proceedings (Cal. Prob. Code §10400 et seq.). Note that interested parties may legally object to this petition for granted authority. If the court awards authority through Letters of Testamentary, several steps to the probate process change and the court relinquishes supervision of the property sale and other actions regarding the estate.USWillsandTrusts.com is a document preparation service that has been specifically developed to provide you with a high-quality Document Preparation Service supported by unlimited legal advice from an attorney that will be assigned to your case.