Do you already have an estate plan?

When is the last time you reviewed it for accuracy?

Has your situation changed? For example, have you gotten married or divorced? Has a minor child turned 18?

Answer these simple questions so we can determine if you need to update your estate plan.

Contact Information

Family Changes

Has your marital status changed?

Do you have any changes regarding dependents?

Does your family have any new/young drivers?

Has there been a death of any?

Would you like to change the current trustee?

Financial Changes

Has you annual income changed significantly?

Has your household debt changed significantly?

Has there been a change in your net-worth?

Have you bought or sold any real estate (in/out-of-state)?

Have there been any judgments against you?

bankruptcytaxotherno change

Have you since retired?

Are you financially responsible for anyone?

Business Changes

Have you changed your business ownership status?

How is your business formed?

Health Changes

Has your medical condition changed?

Current Estate Plan

Do you have a physical copy of your estate plan?

Do your estate plan include a Medical Directive?

Do you have a Durable Power of Attorney?

Thank you for providing this information. We will review your case and let you know if any further actions are required.